Measuring Guides

Your measurements will be required to place your order. The measurements you will need to complete:

  • Height
  • Chest 
  • Head circumference

These measurements are important

  1. Your height determines the length of the graduation gown. J. Wippell & Co. Ltd graduation gowns are different lengths and we will allocate an appropriate gown length based on your height. 
  2. Your chest size determines the body size of the graduation gown. We will allocate an appropriate gown based on these measurements.
  3. Your head circumference is needed to ensure you are issued the correct size hat. 

Measurements are in feet and inches, inches or centimetres. 

How to measure your height

  • You will need a tape measure
  • Take your shoes off
  • Stand straight against a wall
  • Ask someone to measure from the base of the heel to the top of the head
  • Record your height in either centimetres or feet and inches

How to measure your chest

  • You will need a tape measure
  • Measure from under the arms 
  • Hold the tape measure firmly but not too tight
  • Measure all the way around from the fullest part of your bust/chest
  • Record your bust/chest in centimetres or inches

How to measure your head circumference

  • You will need someone to take this for you
  • Please have your hair in the position or any headwear you will have on on the day 
  • You will need a tape measure
  • Measure from above your ear, around the mid-forehead and all the way around
  • The tape measure must be firm but not too tight
  • Record your head circumference in centimetres or inches
  • We will issue the appropriate hat size based upon this measurement
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