Dressing Service

J. Wippell & Co. take pride in ensuring you look and feel your best in high quality, traditional graduation attire. Our staff assist with dressing to ensure all attire is worn correctly and in time for your ceremony. 

After collecting your graduation robes you will directed to our dressing service. A member of J. Wippell & Co. Ltd staff will assist you in robing in your graduation gown, graduation hood and mortarboard or bonnet. 

No need for pins

All gowns and hoods now feature Velcro on the hood and shoulders of the gown to make the dressing process quicker, easier and the robes more secure (with no need for pins).
•    A generous number of both male and female staff to support each graduand in both robing and de-robing
•    Staff are trained to:
o    Adhere to the company’s customer service standards

The process

Staff will help with putting on the gown and hood. checking the size and length of gown. We will also ensure hats are fitted comfortably and securely. J. Wippell & Co. Ltd use quality mortarboards that feature an elasticated backing providing a more secure fit, eliminating the need for numerous hair grips


We are happy to provide  additional support (for any graduands that have individual or specific requirements) or meet any individual requirements (including privacy needs). of the graduands attire to ensure the gown; hood and hat meet J. Wippell & Co’s high-quality standards. If any element does not meet required quality standards, the staff will change it with carried stock. 

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